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Katy Perry The Rising Star

Written By Anupama K on Saturday, July 27, 2013 | 8:43 AM

While many admire her for her flawless attitudes that are nicely saucy, the lovely Katy Perry does not seem to do the same kind of followers in India. Invited to perform at last April at a gala on the game of cricket, the beautiful katy perry does not seem to have only friends who have criticized her attitude a little ... light!

Invited to participate on April 3 at the opening night of the cricket championship which was held in Chennai, India, Katy Perry does not seem that fans. After trying to make beautifully homage to the culture of the country where she was invited by interpreting the title Teenage Dream accompanied by a very Bollywood choreography, the singer has subsequently embarked on a small performance greeted with less enthusiasm. Joined on stage by Doug Bollinger, and it is precisely here that things get tough.

Wishing to demonstrate the technical movements performed during the sport, Doug Bollinger is then used to get behind the singer before the hug with his arms. Positioned behind Katy holding her microphone as a bat, the Australian cricketer has not seen this little improvised staging was not at all taste half of the meeting. Let alone that of the Indian lawyer, K. Jebukamar who decided to complain to the criminal court of the country, judging the behavior of Katy Perry and athlete "indecent and lascivious", as reported by the British newspaper The Sun. Another ground of complaint filed by the lawyer: one alleging that the singer he could "distract students who were preparing for their exams at this time."
Considered at a hearing already scheduled on July 31, the complaint, if it is warranted, could request the interpreter Part of Me having to be presented at a future hearing. After Lady Gaga censored in Lebanon and Indonesia with his album Born This Way, here is a new sex scandal to manage for another star of pop music that has not too much trouble to do for her popularity in outside India. At 27, Katy Perry is probably one of the artists under 30 highest paid in the world shredding from a Forbes reveal that the singer earned between May 2011 and May 2012 the tidy sum of $ 45 million. Largely to deal with a lawsuit!
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